About Us

Primera Reservoir LTD

Abespoke fully comprehensive solution provider, focused on upstream exploration and production high-end workflows to integrate static and dynamic modelling for accurate uncertainty analysis, reserves reporting, and reservoir management, as well as, to identify well targets and confidently forecast production in conventional and unconventional studies.

Primera Reservoir brings together broad-minded individuals from a wide range of upstream disciplines and highly competent users of different commercial reservoir simulators in order to support clients to determine the most optimum reservoir exploitation scheme, technically and economically, using fit-for-purpose tools and techniques.

Our solutions incorporate classical reservoir modelling and material balance, well tests analysis of pressure transients and nodal analysis, dynamic reservoir modelling and history matching, reservoir Integrated field development optimisation and economics.

Primera Reservoir Management

Alejandro Primera

Founder and Director of Primera Reservoir LTD, Alejandro is a senior reservoir specialist with over 10 years' experience in Reservoir Engineering, Plan Development and Uncertainty Analysis in the oil and gas industry.

Jesus Aponte

Petroleum Engineer/Reservoir Engineer with an exceptional academic record and relevant work experience providing reservoir and production support in analyses and studies for on/offshore developing fields, from early phase to operation, including: Reservoir Management and Surveillance, Reservoir data driven analysis and Production system design.

Arash Farhadi

Reservoir Engineer / EOR specialist with experience in reservoir modelling & simulation using commercial reservoir simulators in order to provide an accurate platform to predict future reservoir performance, determine optimal production techniques, maximizing production rates and reserves as well as reducing associated costs .

Ahmed Muftah

Petroleum engineer with broad experience on oil and gas projects covering a number of topics ranging from FEED nodal analysis, reservoir simulation, petroleum economics and field development. Experience on critical evaluations on hydrocarbon basins of the North Sea as well as EOR investigations comprising both laboratory and reservoir modelling.

Primera Reservoir Associates

Oludare Elebiju

Petroleum/Reservoir Engineer with petroleum geoscience background and over 7 years technical hands-on experience acquired from projects carried out on brown and green oil & gas fields across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Areas of core technical experience include Reservoir Management, Reservoir surveillance and field monitoring, Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM), Reserves auditing, classification & reporting – (SPE PRMS) and reservoir simulation.

Jhonnatan Nodar

MSc Petroleum engineer/Mechanical engineer with a proven track record of successfully applying the fundamentals of reservoir engineering analysis, performing simulation model’s construction, history matching, forecasting, proposing optimal well locations as well as undertaking sensitivity-uncertainty analysis and economics assessments through integrated geosciences and reservoir studies to drive the optimisation of reservoir performance.

Igor Bagno

Experienced (10yrs+) reservoir engineer specialising in field development planning and optimisation, asset evaluation and reserves auditing of the operated assets and new ventures. Fully familiar with standard and advanced engineering technics, analytical and numerical. Strong capabilities developed in fractured carbonate reservoirs characterisation and modelling of dual porosity systems behaviour, flow assurance and gas lift optimisation, well tests interpretation and design.

Juan Carlos Izturi

Reservoir Engineer/Geologist widely experienced in Geomodelling, Reservoir Simulation, Reservoir Engineering and Reservoirs Integrated studies. Consolidation and construction of Geological databases including horizons, Wells, Maps, Picks and Logs. Integration of Geosciences information from different disciplines as Geology, Sedimentology, Geophysics and Petrophysics.

Elinor Rojas

Petroleum Engineer / Research Scientist with 17 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, including Well Stimulation/Well Productivity, formation damage diagnosis, testing and mitigation, well stimulation, well performance (inflow/outflow modelling) and nodal analysis, identify well productivity/injectivity issues and recommend potential solutions for enhancement and 3D numerical well inflow modelling using Computational Fluid Dynamics Technique (CFD).

Our Clients

We set up teams with the best possible combination of skills to get the specific job done and achieve the results our clients really need.

A large portion of our business is with:

  • Small, medium, and major upstream operators looking for advanced projects and seasoned industry specialists.
  • Joint venture partners looking for quality control of reservoir models, forecasting and reserves and resources classification.
  • Banking sector looking for subsurface advice on technical feasibility of investment prospects or technical assessment of existing portfolio.