Under actual circumstances the oil and gas industry is evolving towards a more cost efficient organization.

There is a new corporation moto cross the board: BE MORE EFFICIENT, hence companies worldwide are reviewing and rebuilding processes as well as adopting pioneer technics to do so.

Big Data Management (BDM) is one of these new incorporations leading most of the changes. As forecasting experts, oil and gas professionals know quite well that understanding the actuals lead to a more accurate prediction and that is precisely what this is about: building efficient platforms to UNDERSTAND THE ACTUALS, and this includes knowing better all managenable data: from observed data measured to live forecasting analyses, from uncertainty analyses to data driven diagnostics, from stochastic studies to decision making processes, everything generate an exponential amount of data and we should be in a position of using it to generate value.

The team offers bespoke, cost effective and effient solutions, adding value and providing detailed information that help our clients make key decisions and efficiently managing their assets, identifying potential opportunities and driving future developments.

Analytics solutions for any stage on a field development

Key Performance Indicators in a Dashboard

Monitoring all the data from different sources in one single platform, from well production data to portfolio analysis.

Analytic Visualization

We help developing bespoke tools for data analysis by integrating statistical and computational methods to suport decision making.

Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring

Primera Resources team brings accountable experience on well tests analysis of pressure transients, nodal analysis for subsurface/surface projects as well as data driven field uncertainties analysis.

Some Examples of Primera Solutions: